Lila Interactive Corolle Doll

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Lila Interactive Corolle Doll
This Interactive Doll by Corolle is a sophisticated new special feature baby doll that invites young girls 3 years and up to interact with her in ways that will captivate and delight. And because it really is a small world after all, Lea speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and Italian! Lea Interactive Doll has 16 features. Lea bables contentedly when she wakes up. Touch her feet, and Lea giggles or talks! When you touch her hand Lea says, “Hello Mommy!”. “Kiss-kiss, Mommy!”, when you give her a kiss, Lea Coos, “I love you, Mommy”.”I’m hungry, Mommy!” If you feed Lea with her special spoon she says, “Ummm Nice!” If you feed Lea with her baby bottle, she sucks on it, then she burps! After she takes her bottle, Lea says, “Potty, Mommy!” and when you put Lea on her potty, you can hear her “wetting” into it. When you put her on her tummy, Lea cries. If you forget to feed Lea, she also cries. If you leave her alone for 60 seconds, she says “Night-night Mommy”. Lea’s 8 accessories include 1 bib, 1 plate, 1 bottle, 1 spoon, 3 bracelets, and 1 potty. Lea has blue eyes.
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