RETIRED RARE Gretchen 22″ Adora Limited Edition of 250 74C22505

RETIRED RARE Gretchen 22
RETIRED RARE Gretchen 22″ Adora Limited Edition of 250 74C22505
You’ll want to click on the pictures above for a larger view of this cute Adora 06 Limited Edition Gretchen Only 250 made! doll using the “74” Adora head style with beautiful hair, realistic eyes, and that perfect outfit! It really makes no difference whether you are going to use this doll for play or collecting. This is a real cute 22 inch tall exquisite vinyl Limited Edition collectible Adora doll with weighted, jointed cloth bodies with vinyl limbs. German Girl doll is manufactured by Adora, Inc. and is part of the Adora Original Doll 2006 Collection. The vinyl is scented with a pleasant baby-powder scent and includes a changeable diaper. It is finely detailed with realistic-looking eyes, brilliant coloring, upper and lower eye lashes and dressed in Adora’s fine quality clothing. The cloth body is expertly weighted with beads to provide the realistic feel of a real baby. Unless described, the accessories shown in the picture are not included. Images are provided to uSAVEm by Adora and are a very accurate depiction of the actual doll. All Adora dolls include a very nice collectible box and uSAVEm double-boxes all Adora doll shipments to protect them. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this Limited Edition doll- especially due to the VERY LOW number of dolls made.
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