RETIRED RARE Vest/Tan Pants 2007 Adora 20″ doll outfit

RETIRED RARE Vest/Tan Pants 2007 Adora 20
RETIRED RARE Vest/Tan Pants 2007 Adora 20″ doll outfit
You’ll want to click on the picture above for a larger view of this cute 2007 Adora doll outfit! These Vest/Tan Pants Adora doll outfit is the same high quality you are used to with all of the Adora clothes. Affordable price, excellent designs, and superb craftsmanship come together to provide you with a set of clothes that you’ll think were made for real babies. You can use this Adora outfit along with the wide selection of other Adora doll outfits, pajamas, rompers, dresses, coats, snowsuits, shoes, blankets, and other accessories to dramatically change your Adora dolls appearance. Each cute Adora doll outfit includes a sturdy plastic hanger and is packaged in a shrink-wrapped sleeve to eliminate dust. The clothes may be stored nicely in the Adora doll clothes rack now available as one of the new Adora doll accesories. This outfit only fits 20 inch Adora dolls. It’s fun to see the immediate transformations when you change the Adora doll outfit and shoes. In stock and ready to ship.
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